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Conveyor Belt gear punching machine

PVC/PU/PU with gear punching machine

Industrial Belt Gear Punching machine is a new type of gear punching machine in BOAN, which relates to a conveyor belt manual gear punching machine for transmitting tooth-shaped joint opening teeth.

Including the organic seat, the upper plate mounted on the chassis, the pressure cutter device which can move the knife seat up and down, and the rebound device which can make the knife seat rebound, the cutter seat is connected to the knife holder, the blade is mounted on the cutter seat, the slider under the knife seat has a sliding seat along the guide rail on the chassis, Because the guide rail of the manual punching machine of this conveyor belt adopts the non-gap linear guide rail, the sliding seat is driven by the no-gap ball screw, which improves the positioning accuracy of the sliding seat in the moving process and ensures the precision of the tooth-shaped joint opening. Conveyor belt manual gear punching machine knife holder by bolt fixed to the knife seat, change the knife convenient and fast. Handle rotation is located in the horizontal position when the knife seat is located in the lower dead point, effectively prevent the tool due to eating the knife too deep and damage phenomenon, so that the process of adjusting the height of the tool is convenient and simple

With manual gear punching machine belt manual gear punching machine is mainly used for industrial belt connection Hot Front interface treatment, according to different belts we have different machines

Industrial Belt manual gear punching machine

 Mainly connected to polyester transmission belt, Dragon belt, conveyor belt. Working width 100MM tooth length 120MM tooth width up to the belt connection before making serrated interface. Mainly suitable for transmission belt processing enterprises and textile Enterprises Dragon Belt Connection
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