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Woodworking Industry conveyor Belt

High Temperature Inlet Belt

In solid wood processing and wood-based panel production, in order to efficiently process processing, conveyor belt plays an important role in the multi-channel process.

In the actual production, the need to lay conveyor belt in the high part of the operation, each process requires a variety of different belts, therefore, the selection of efficient, high quality and can meet a variety of functional needs of the belt has become an urgent task.

As a supplier of conveyor and processing belts, Cypress Bank, with years of experience in the wood industry, is able to meet the needs of the woodworking industry and provide reliable services.

Used in solid wood processing and wood-based panel production of the transmission Dragon Series Conveyor belt is the company and many wood processing machinery manufacturers, wood production plant close cooperation. And in the wood-based panel production process, breathable belt. With its superior stability permeability, belt fabric firm and strict interface, successfully completed the following two major tasks: breathable and pre-compression.

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