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Woodworking Industry conveyor Belt

Wood Processing Conveyor Belt

Wood Processing Conveyor BeltIntroduced:

Bamboo flooring, solid wood furniture production of sanding machine special belt (single sand frame, double sand frame, three kill, sand frame) useful to the Italian SAMPLA 9.0MM thick surface Ling pattern PVC Sanding Machine belt, 9.5MM thick surface one-type pattern PVC sanding machine belt, 5.2MM surface straight lines, Wave grain light sanding machine belt. Plate dust removal machine, shower surface paint coating machine, planar plate hot stamping machine, laminating machine, milling machine, four-speed machine, four planer, multi-rig planer, preloading machine, spread machine, cutting machine, high-pressure planer and other equipment used in the belt; Italy SAMPLA import conveyor belt: 2MM, 3MM, 4MM thick planar PVC conveyor belt, 1.6PU conveyor belt; Swiss Habasit flat drive belt: thickness of 0.9MM, 1.1MM, 1.6MM, 2.0MM, 2.4MM,2.6MM,3.2MM, 4MM, 6MM, length, Width can vary depending on the user. United States GATES, Japan MTISUBOSHI, rubber, polyurethane transmission belt, triangle belt, high-speed oil belt, variable speed belt, synchronous belt, wide-angle belt and special processing belt: such as punching belt, surface plus red glue belt, add pattern and so on.

Address:142th Guangzhou Road, Huangpu District Nangang Street, 110  TelePhone:020-62253071  MobilePhone:13925055258


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