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Application and development of pipeline automatic weighing machine in food processing industry
Edit:Guangzhou Machinery Equipment Accessories Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-12-27

Enterprise Production Workshop assembly line highly automated initial processing is often associated with daily products, electronic products and five pieces of parts, auto parts manufacturing more linked, but in the packaging food processing industry, integrated assembly lineAutomatic weighing machineThe initial processing of production not only brings about the improvement of production efficiency, but also improves the uniformity of the weight quality of packaged food, and ensures the standardization of production conformity of products.

The initial processing of food automation is also faced with challenges different from other industries: automated weighing, inspection, sorting requires the Enterprise Production Workshop assembly line to have a predictable environment, a large number of products and simple repeatable action, The necessary prerequisite for the success of automated online weighing sorting is that the product diversification range is less than the capability control range of the automated online weight check machine system.

In a sense, humans are the most flexible "mechanical equipment" in the world, and we humans can quickly distinguish between changes in the surroundings and conditions, and then adjust them quickly; However, humans are also the world's most untrustworthy "mechanical equipment", people will be tired, will lose attention, the result will lead to unqualified products, The production is insufficient and the quality is not up to standard, but the real equipment will not.

On-line automatic weighing machine equipment can be trusted in simple, repeatable moving automated process applications, but it is not well adapted in unpredictable environments or in volatile operating environments. Large production, repeatable manufacturing tasks are more likely to be automated, as is the food processing industry.

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