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Printing press Maintenance
Edit:Guangzhou Machinery Equipment Accessories Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2017-07-25

  Electrical system is the control center of Printing press, the maintenance of electrical system is extremely important, the introduction of electrical system maintenance of several key points. The main factors affecting the normal operation of electrical system are high temperature, high humidity, dust, electromagnetic interference and so on.It is also very important to maintain the printing press belt.


High temperature


Excessive temperature will accelerate the aging of electrical components, shorten the service life of electrical components. Auxiliary equipment for printing presses such as alcohol cabinets, central air supply cabinets, infrared drying cabinets , Printing press belts and so on are large sources of heat, will make the electrical system temperature is too high. Therefore, it is necessary to install exhaust heat dissipation device for these equipment to maintain the suitable temperature of the printing shop(22~28℃).


High humidity


When the humidity is too high, once the temperature changes, it is easy to form condensation on some electrical components, which is mixed with dust, easy to cause electrical components short circuit or broken circuit, damage electrical components. Too high humidity can easily make individual parts rust, resulting in functional failure. The relative humidity of the printing shop should be maintained in the50%~70%. Printing enterprises in the South should pay particular attention to this point.




Because the paper dropped powder hair and the use of powder spray reasons, printing workshop often more dust, easy to lead to poor contact with electrical components, resulting in failure or damage to electrical components. The installation of clean, fully automatic printing press synchronous belt device and timely cleaning of dust, to ensure the normal operation of electrical system is very important. It is worth noting that the dust cleaning of electrical systems must be done after cutting off the power supply.


Electromagnetic interference


Printing presses should be away from high-voltage transformers and other strong electromagnetic radiation equipment. Because the strong electromagnetic field will interfere with the electronic control system, especially the computer, the main motor drive plate, automatic printing press synchronous belt, etc., affecting its normal operation. The power supply of the printing press requires a three-phase four line,380V alternating power, the fourth line for the grounding line (can not be 0 lines and ground line in one), this line requires strict reference to the "electrical standards" to do grounding cable. In addition, the printing press power supply system is strictly prohibited from external any electrical equipment, otherwise it may affect the normal operation of electrical systems.


Printing machine Electrical maintenance is an important link to ensure normal production. Maintenance in place, electrical systems can maintain good working conditions, conducive to improving production efficiency, extend the service life of the machine.

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