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Important role of wood processing conveyor belt
Edit:Guangzhou Machinery Equipment Accessories Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2017-12-23

Wood processing conveyor belt production handover cycle is short, the manufacturer's inventory, demand management requirements are high. Downstream direct users of the service timeliness requirements are high, because the wood processing conveyor belt for the normal operation of automated production lines is indispensable, which requires enterprises to be able to timely understand the customer's conveyor belt use status and enough to replace, repair conveyor belt demand in a short period of time to respond, Downstream direct customers on the wood processing conveyor belt product delivery period is generally very high requirements.

The raw materials of the wood processing conveyor belt, most of which are by-products of petroleum coal processing, are mostly large energy companies as well as machinery and equipment manufacturing companies, which are large in volume, but their bargaining power in the production of materials is relatively low due to the presence of more suppliers of energy, such as oil, around the world. At the same time, the wood processing conveyor belt industry is a highly dependent downstream orders of the industry, its customers are highly dispersed, demand fixed, although the wood processing conveyor belt enterprises listed companies are not many, but because the conveyor belt production process is relatively single, the industry threshold is not high, Because most manufacturers of light conveyor belts exist in the form of non-listed small and medium-sized private companies.

It can be said that in the middle of the conveyor belt production enterprises in the entire industrial chain, is the most competitive and the least voice of a link. Therefore, two major factors determine the development of the midstream conveyor belt industry, one is the upstream raw material prices, the other is the downstream expansion speed of the seven major industries.

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