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The power of special grinder belt for grinding machine
Edit:Guangzhou Machinery Equipment Accessories Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-02-08

Grinder Belt drive is a kind of mechanical transmission which uses the flexible band of tensioning on the belt wheel for motion or power transfer. According to the different transmission principle, there is a friction belt transmission with friction between the belt and the belt wheel, and there is also a synchronous belt drive driven by the belt and the teeth on the belt wheel. Grinder Belt drive has the characteristics of simple structure, smooth transmission, can buffer absorbing vibration, can transfer power between large shaft spacing and multi-axis, and its low cost, no lubrication, easy maintenance and so on, it is widely used in modern mechanical transmission.

The special belt drive of the grinder can overload skidding and the running noise is low, but the transmission ratio is not accurate (the sliding rate is less than 2%), and the synchronous belt transmission can ensure the transmission synchronization, but the absorption capacity of the load change is slightly worse, and the high speed operation has the noise. Grinding Machine Special Belt in addition to the transmission of power, sometimes also used to transport materials, parts of the whole column and so on. The working face of the special belt of the grinder is made of tooth shape, and the surface of the wheel edge of the belt wheel is also made into the corresponding tooth shape, and the belt and belt wheel are mainly driven by meshing. Synchronous toothed belt generally uses fine wire rope as a strong layer, the outside coated with polychlorinated butter or neoprene rubber. The middle line of the strength layer is defined as the joint of the band, and the circumference of the belt line is the nominal length.

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