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Industrial Leather Conveyor Belt feeder Manufacturers
Edit:Guangzhou Machinery Equipment Accessories Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2017-08-11

  Industrial Belt feeder is mainly used forPVC-based bezel, skirt, edge connection and so on. Feiyu High frequency can be customized for you, seam cutting equipment. For the conveyor belt of PVC materials to connect, the use of high-frequency electromagnetic field using its internal molecules rearranged, to achieve the purpose of fusion, the connection is beautiful and firm, the strength is close to the strength of the material itself.


   First, the characteristics of industrial belt feeder machine: can use double-head machine design to improve machine production efficiency, save machine and equipment space, the use of adjustable cylinder drive, the operation is more simple and convenient. This machine is installed with a more humanized electrical safety protection device, can greatly protect the operator's operational safety.


  Second, the industrial belt feeder machine characteristics of the whole machine:

1. Security Protection:

  High-frequency machine with overvoltage, overcurrent protection device, in the abnormal operation can automatically cut off the pressure to protect the oscillating tube and rectifier, while avoiding the frequency drift caused by improper operations.          

2. Strong contribution:

  High-frequency machine using low-loss coaxial resonator, good output waveform, excellent quality factor, strong output, fast connection.


  Guangzhou Machinery Equipment Accessories Co., Ltd. focused on conveyor belt feeder, industrial belt feeder, cypress machinery conveyor belt feeder by the customer's love, machine stability to win the appreciation and affirmation of customers.

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