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Logistics Conveyor Belt
Edit:Guangzhou Machinery Equipment Accessories Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-02-08

The production materials of the logistics conveyor belt have been developed from natural rubber to synthetic rubber, and the production materials of the skeleton have been expanded from cotton fibers to rayon, polyester, nylon, fiberglass, steel wire and aramid, etc. Cutting triangular belt has also replaced the cloth triangle belt, logistics conveyor belt wholesale, because the side of the cutting triangle belt is not coated, bending fatigue is very good. Later, a cutting V-belt and a wedge V-shaped belt appeared. Transmission Logistics Conveyor belt is mainly because of the thickness of this belt is thin, with the belt wheel contact area is large, logistics conveyor belt which is good, bending performance is good, can be used in small belt wheel.

Look at now, some of the advantages of some new logistics conveyor belt has been obvious, there are mainly the following aspects. If the performance of the logistics conveyor belt is similar, then the flexibility of the new material light logistics conveyor belt is more excellent, and this logistics conveyor belt matching equipment wheel diameter is much smaller, so more able to reflect the energy-saving effect.

Logistics conveyor Belt PVC conveyor belt body elasticity is good, not easy to deform, does not affect the food hygiene odor overlay, PVC conveyor belt product formulation design is reasonable, in line with health indicators, moderate color, light and durable. PVC conveyor belt is suitable for the food industry or food sector transport bulk, listening, packaged in boxes of food or food to 400 large granularity, transport can be from 1 cubic meters/hour to 6000 cubic meters/hour.

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