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Weighing Machine basic operation
Edit:Guangzhou Machinery Equipment Accessories Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2016-12-19


Weighing machinesReady to put the knob to the enabled position, at this time the yellow light and green light at the same time, click on the green button device can start, three color lights only green light. Please set the parameters first by following the steps shown in the basic operation on the instructions. Manually put the container on the scale table, when the discharge delay to arrive can automatically discharge.

Weighing machine screen can be set whether to enable buzzer, whether overweight shutdown and whether the lack of heavy downtime. Among them, overweight downtime and undervoltage downtime means that when the weight of the container and the item reaches the stop weight, the device has stopped, and if the current weight is not within the set upper and lower weight ranges, the system will perform the action according to whether the screen is set down for downtime.


"Standard weight" is the value of the weight required to reach the weight of the heavy load on the table. "Medium speed Weight" is a value entered as a percentage by "standard weight", meaning that the speed drops to a medium speed after the current weight reaches a few percent of the "standard weight". "Low speed Weight" and "close weight" are the same as "medium speed weight". "Proximity weight" for downtime preparation, the current weight to close to weight, weighing opportunity to stop the frequency conversion feeding and determine whether the current weight between the upper and lower weight, if below the lower limit weight weighing opportunity to continue to discharge, if higher than the upper limit weight, weighing opportunity sound light prompt, the specific performance of the yellow light flashing, buzzer sound , If the weighing screen will be "over-heavy shutdown" or "overweight shutdown" off, the corresponding sound and light prompts will be shielded, and the weighing opportunity is considered to be qualified products to transport it to the back end. "Discharge delay" refers to the manual put the container on the table after the delay how long to start let the frequency conversion start discharge, when the time arrives there will be yellow light flashing prompt, and then automatic frequency conversion start discharge. "Belt delay" refers to how long the weight of the weighing table after reaching the "standard weight" range is delayed by the belt start of the station to remove the weight. "Upper limit allowed to be overweight" and "lower limit allowed to be overweight" are on the basis of "standard weight", floating up and down how many grams are qualified products.


When the yellow light is bright, indicating that the station is not enabled, putting the weight will not react. When the yellow light and green light at the same time, indicating that the station has been enabled, but did not click the green button to start, at this time click the green button will be only green light on the light, indicating that the station has begun to work automatically. When the red light is on, it indicates a sharp stop press or a motor thermal overload alarm.

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