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Plastic Chain Plate

Chain Plate Line

Chain Plate conveyor has steel chain plate conveyor and plastic chain board conveyor, steel chain plate conveyor transport capacity, high efficiency, smooth transport; plastic steel chain conveyor design ingenious, general rack and leg for stainless steel, conveyor speed adjustable is often used in bottled conveyor lines, beverage processing lines, milk processing lines and so on, Steel chain plate Conveyor transport capacity is large and sometimes up to dozens of tons, often used in flour processing plants, corn processing plants and so on.

Rack: 201/304 stainless steel, carbon steel spray (color has ice ash, red, green, white, etc.), aluminum alloy, carbon steel plated hard chromium/decorative chromium, galvanized, spray paint and so on.

Chain PLATE: Carbon steel galvanized, plastic steel

Plastic Chain plate Size: 63.5mm 82.5mm 114.3mm 152.4mm 190.5mm

Bottom foot: With casters, adjustable cup feet.

Conveying speed: Can be set according to customer requirements speed or speed regulation and so on.

Chain PLATE: Carbon steel galvanized/chrome plated/nickel plated, stainless steel, plastic and so on.

Chain: Metric chain.

Load: Can be produced according to customer requirements.

Use occasions: food processing plants, logistics centers, pharmaceutical factories and so on.

Address:142th Guangzhou Road, Huangpu District Nangang Street, 110  TelePhone:020-62253071  MobilePhone:13925055258


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