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Plastic Chain Plate

Flat plate straight line mesh chain

Division I production of the section from the flat-panel Direct Line network chain, suitable for the food/non-food industry light and medium load direct transmission.

Product Features

1, 14mm bar distance, suitable for small gap transition applications;

2, open hinge design, bottom channel leveling, easy to clean;

3, unique sprocket design, gear edge smooth, load distribution is reasonable;

4, large gear, to ensure excellent sprocket meshing and sprocket strength.

Product parameters

Pitch:14mm (0.55in)
Minimum width:25mm (1in)
Minimum bandwidth Increase:12.5mm (0.5in)
Standard PIN Rod:Diameter 5mm (0.2in) plastic pin rod, material: POM

Address:142th Guangzhou Road, Huangpu District Nangang Street, 110  TelePhone:020-62253071  MobilePhone:13925055258


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