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Food conveyor Belt

PU Food conveyor Belt

PU Food conveyor belt thickness is: 1.0,1.5,2.0,1.8,2.5,3.0,3.54.0,5.0,6.0,9.0

PU Food conveyor belt color: white conveyor belt, dark blue green conveyor belt, black conveyor belt, green conveyor belt, surface for smooth PVC glue surface, the bottom surface is conductive fiber of the original fabric; The joint form is serrated or ladder oblique or metal buckle joint is widely used in food, medicine, electronics, tobacco, printing, packaging, Textile and other production line belt.

PU Food conveyor Belt parameters:

Temperature Resistance range -10~80

Anti-slip Belt green white, surface for small garden convex pattern or horseshoe pattern, suitable for bulk, powder rise transmission.

Special pattern belt surface for deep pattern, anti-skid, in order to apply special occasions, special materials processing and transmission.

Rhomboid Mesh Pattern band increases surface friction and grip anti-skid, suitable for the processing and transmission of steam particles.

At the same time through special processing can also be made into a guide belt, lifting belt, skirt belt and so on.

Guide belt: Transmission surface plus positioning Guide, to ensure the directional anti-bias operation of the belt body.

Lifting belt: The carrier surface plus a transverse bezel to ensure that the material rises and transports.

Skirt Strap: Make sure the material is not scattered and rising to the conveyor.

Sanding Machine Belt: sanding machine wood processing special belt, the surface for a variety of different patterns, to ensure the safety and reliability of its process processing.

PU Food conveyor Belt characteristics:

Acid and alkali resistance, organic solution, animal and plant mineral oil and fat., can be added guide, bezel. Comply with FDA, FGA food hygiene standards.

In short, light conveyor belt can be used in a variety of different industries: food, logistics, electronics, tobacco, wood, stone, fitness and other fields are using light conveyor belt!

The general light conveyor belt will have three layers:

The different materials, thicknesses and patterns of the surface belt surface of the ① determine the adhesion, physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the belt,

The fabric of different materials of the ② strength layer determines the application range of the belt to a large extent. The guide, load and elongation, electrostatic, smoothness and suitability of the belt are directly related to the fabric structure when used for blade turning.

The design of the bottom belt of the ③ is determined by the noise resistance of the belt, the wear resistance and the adaptability of the belt to the support plate or the bracing shaft.

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