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Food conveyor Belt

Skirt Food conveyor Belt

The skirt food conveyor belt is divided into three parts, the base belt, the retaining edge and the transverse diaphragm. According to the different conveyor requirements, can be divided intoThere is a skirt without a diaphragm conveyor belt and a skirt edge with a diaphragm conveyor belt.

Skirt Food conveyor belt can make a variety of bulk materials at 0-90 degrees for any inclination continuous transport, retaining edge to prevent bulk materials to measure slip and fall, in order to facilitate the bypass of the drum, the design of the edge is corrugated, the role of the diaphragm to serve the material, in order to achieve a large inclination transport, the use of T-type or TC type, The gear edge and the diaphragm are connected with the baseband by two vulcanization method, which has a high connection strength. The Skirt food conveyor belt enables a smooth transition of the conveyor belt from horizontal to inclined (or vertical). It solves the conveying angle that can not be achieved by ordinary conveyor belt or pattern conveyor belt. The wave-shaped retaining conveyor belt can be designed as a complete conveyor system according to the requirements, avoiding intermittent conveying and complex conveying lifting systems.

Division I provided by the skirt food conveyor belt, its base belt is composed of upper covering glue, lower covering glue, with core and transverse rigid layer four parts. The thickness of the upper covering glue is generally 3-6mm, the thickness of the lower covering glue is generally 1.5-4.5mm.; core material can withstand tensile force, its material may be cotton canvas (CC), nylon canvas (NN), polyester canvas (EP) or wire rope (ST), in order to increase the transverse rigidity of the baseband, in the core body to add a special reinforcement layer Called Transverse rigid layer. The width of the baseband is the same as that of ordinary tape, in accordance with the standard requirements of GB/T7984-2001.

Division I provided by the skirt food conveyor belt, currently widely used in coal, ore, sand, fertilizer and grain and other material transportation, conveying material granularity is not limited, can be from very small granularity to 400mm of large granularity, conveyor capacity can be from 1 cubic meters/hour to 6000 cubic meters/hour. Skirt Food delivery system uses a wide range of areas, small footprint, reduce civil investment, low maintenance costs, large transport capacity.

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