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Through-type grinder belt

Grinding conveyor Belt

Grinding belt is a banded grinding product, is used electrostatic sand planting or coating, the abrasive evenly coated on the polyester film base belt. According to the different mode of production can be divided into precision grinding belt and precision polishing belt two majorClass.

    OurAfter years of R & amp; d, with unique technology cast a high-precision grinding belt, according to the needs of magnetic materials to provide different specifications, thickness of high-precision grinding belt. At present has been TDK, flying magnetism, Yue Feng, river powder and other well-known domestic enterprises widely used.

Product Features:

1The use of European famous manufacturers to provide fabrics, made into a high-precision grinding belt, stable quality. Can work continuously up to 35,000 meters under normal use;

2Grinding BeltSurface protective coating treatment, withGood water resistance, can be soaked in the grinding fluid for a long time, without pulling off;

3The use of special processing technology, the original negative tolerance (+0.00mm---0.02mm) joint way to ensure the quality of the grinding belt and joint strength;

4Grinding belt joints can be placed to place abrasive products and increase production capacity without the need to add any protective film.

Product parameters

Thickness/mmMaterialConnector tolerance/mm.Application
1.0Pu+0.00--0.02Small magnetic stamens
1.2Pu+0.00--0.02Medium magnetic stamens
1.3Pu+0.00--0.02Medium magnetic stamens
1.4Pu+0.00--0.02Larger magnetic stamens
1.6Pu+0.00--0.02Larger magnetic stamens

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