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Through-type grinder belt

Ferrite Soft Magnetic Grinding Belt

1The use of European famous manufacturers to provide fabrics, made into a high-precision grinding belt, stable quality. Can work continuously up to 35,000 meters under normal use;

2Grinding BeltSurface protective coating treatment, withGood water resistance, can be soaked in the grinding fluid for a long time, without pulling off;

3The use of special processing technology, the original negative tolerance (+0.00mm---0.02mm) joint way to ensure the quality of the grinding belt and joint strength;

4Grinding belt joints can be placed to place abrasive products and increase production capacity without the need to add any protective film.

Address:142th Guangzhou Road, Huangpu District Nangang Street, 110  TelePhone:020-62253071  MobilePhone:13925055258


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