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Logistics Express Conveyor Belt

Climbing conveyor Belt


My company in the climbing conveyor belt, has a unique design, we mainly use in PVC, Pu, PE, butyl rubber, silicone conveyor belt with bezel, add skirt, add guide, my company skirt Bezel Guide Bar has a variety of specifications, in many cases, we need to add different heights of different models of bezel, skirt, Anti-running deflection guide bar to the belt, transport smooth, bulk materials to high, so that the material even in the high angle tilt will not be scattered, this is the PVC group edge bezel lifting conveyor belt, PVC bezel conveyor belt, PVC group side conveyor belt, PVC lifting conveyor belt is mainly used in the packaging industry, logistics industry, electronics industry, food industry, Aquatic products, tobacco industry, vegetables, fruits, tea, granular products, powdery products and materials transportation, with good results, not only to ensure that in the slope of the environment, not to decline, scattered. We mainly use mechanical joints, mechanical thermal vulcanization connection, directly let the group Edge, bezel, guide and conveyor belt into one, Better use of the characteristics of the belt, no damage to the conveyor belt, so that the service life of the conveyor belt is longer. At the same time through special processing can also be made into a guide belt, lifting belt, skirt band, etc.

Address:142th Guangzhou Road, Huangpu District Nangang Street, 110  TelePhone:020-62253071  MobilePhone:13925055258


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